A year of Girls Love Superheroes! Anniversary Contest!

Earlier this month "Girls Love Superheroes" had its one year anniversary. I created theblog to show that wanting to be a superhero or loving superheroes or playing with superheroes is not just a “boy” thing. 

I just love getting the pictures from parents or other relatives as so many of them have wonderful stories. And how can anyone resist the pictures? 

And how can anyone not look at those pictures and not see that little girls are an audience waiting to be nurtured into paying consumers?

I’m very proud of the blog and thrilled with the response that it got. I’m also very thankful for the web sites that have featured or promoted it including Oprah.com.

But lately the pictures haven’t been coming in as much so its time to prime the pump! And with Free Comic Book Day coming up it would seem the perfect time to do it as many comic shops have kids activities or costume contests. 

And to encourage the submission of said photos I am ponying up prizes! Every photo submitted from the now from the month of May will be submitted into a drawing for prizes. For every 20 pictures I get I’ll add a prize and then draw a winner in June. Here’s the grand prize

Twenty pictures: Lego Wonder Woman key chain

40 pictures: Choice of Mattel Infinite Heroes 3 pack

40 + pictures: Little People Wonder Woman Invisible Jet

I’ll have two runner-up prizes to be decided later if the over 40 number is reached. 

Photos can be of girls with superheroes, dressed as a superhero, reading a superhero comic or playing with superhero toys. Take a look at the archive for examples.

As a reminder pictures, must be taken by you or someone you know. No taking pictures off of other sites or Flickr. 

Pictures should be of kids 13 or so and under. 

Picture can be submitted via the submit button or to dcwomenkickingass (at) yahoo.

Please let me know how you would like the photo credited. 

Thanks, and start sending in those pictures!

I’d really like to get the LCSs involved so spread the word!

And here is a particularly cute picture of the “Twinity” as the little Wonder Woman called them.

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